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Why Us?

Let's face it, small business and commercial property lending can be frustrating and confusing. With Everfund, you get an expert you can trust helping make sure you get the best loan for your needs.   

Our Guiding Principles

We started Everfund because we wanted to change an industry. The world of small business lending and commercial real estate is often highly confusing and complicated. By contrast, we believe in relationship building, clear information and simplicity. In fact, we think our success comes down to just four key principles.






Nothing differentiates us more than transparency. We bring an open, honest approach to an industry that often prefers keeping information close to the chest. We aim to simplify an often challenging process, and we will educate you and communicate openly with you each step of the way.


No two loan situations are identical, yet many share common elements. With a long track record in the business – funding over $400 million in loans – we have seen hundreds of scenarios and faced countless types of challenges along the way. Translation? We can help you predict and avoid issues rather than simply react to them.


We are fanatical about client service. In today’s connected world, you shouldn’t accept less. We offer a high level of responsiveness, unheard of in our industry. We might refer you to partner lenders we have carefully chosen. But if working with you directly on a loan, we’ll either be reachable by email, phone or text, or get back to you quickly. We know how important your transaction is to you, and we are wholly dedicated to your success.


We’re experienced, smart and resourceful. We provide massive value to our clients, helping them save or make a great deal of money. But, we can’t help every time. (Yes, we said that out loud!) We know what we’re good at and what we’re not, and we don’t try to be all things to all people. If we can't help directly, we'll point you to alternative resources whenever possible. 

From Our Clients

"I was so impressed with Everfund Commercial.  Everfund really simplified the loan process, made it completely pain free, and I just can't thank you enough!"

David Fox

"Everfund has to take clients through a pretty complicated process. They were patient, detail oriented and  communicative. I was very impressed with the execution and service."

Jeremy Bergstein

"They are the best. Everfund Commercial went above and beyond to help us with our needs.  I look forward to working with them again on future real estate needs."

Art Gilliam

"Everfund's help was a real WOW! Anything that came up was solved. I'm amazed and totally grateful to Mike and Everfund. I would highly recommend them!"

Nam Kim

Business Loans and Lines of Credit.

The expert advice and guidance you need - with no cost to you!

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