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FAQ - SBA Loans

What exactly is an SBA Loan?

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) runs several business loan programs, including the 7(a), 7(a) Express, 504, microloan, and disaster loan programs. Through these programs, the SBA doesn’t actually lend money directly. Instead, the SBA partners with lenders and guarantees a large % of the loans. This allows lenders to offer more favorable loans, and even make riskier loans that they might otherwise, since they have some insurance from the SBA if the loan isn’t repaid.

What is an SBA 7(a) Loan?

The 7(a) program is the SBA’s general small business loan program and one of the most popular loan options. There are several types of 7(a) loans, including standard, small, and express loans, as well as loans for export and international trade businesses. These loans can be used for a variety of purposes, including buying inventory, equipment or real estate, buying out partners, working capital and refinancing other business loans.

Do I apply to the SBA directly?

No, you don’t apply to the SBA. The SBA isn’t actually making loans. You apply for an SBA loan through an approved SBA lender. However, the SBA sets guidelines for the minimum qualifications, loan amounts, terms, and interest rates. The SBA may in some cases make the final lending decision, although the approval is most often left to the lender along with the loan processing and servicing.

What is an SBA 7(a) Small Loan?

An SBA 7(a) Small Loan is very similar to the 7(a) Standard Loan, with the main difference being that the loan maximum is $350,000 rather than $5 million, and there are no collateral requirements for loans of $25,000 or less. Also, the SBA 7(a) Small Loan application process may be easier than a full Standard SBA loan application for many businesses.

What is an SBA Express loan?

If you need cash fast, the SBA Express is the best option. SBA Express applications are reviewed within 36 hours, much faster than the review process you'll often encounter with other SBA loans. Even if approved, it may still take 30-45 days to get your SBA Express loan funded. SBA Express loans can be as high as $350,000. These loans can be used as working capital (5-10 year term) or a line of credit (7-year term), or as a real estate loan (25-year term).

How much can I borrow with an SBA Loan?

The loan amount will depend on what type of SBA loan you’re applying for and the lender invovled. For Standard 7(a) SBA loans, the maximum amount is $5 million. For Small Loan 7(a) SBA loans and SBA Express loans, the maximum amount is $350,000. As for minimum sizes - the SBA doesn’t set a minimum loan amount, but many SBA lenders have their own minimums, often $25,000.

How can I use SBA 7(a) loan proceeds?

You can use the loan proceeds from an SBA 7(a) loan for most legal business purposes. These include starting a business, buying equipment or inventory, working capital, refinancing debt, and buying out a business partner. Some lenders, including our partners, offer 7(a) loans for buying or refinancing commercial real estate.

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