Why Us?

Let's face it, small business and commercial lending can be frustrating and confusing. With Everfund, you get an expert you can trust helping make sure you get the best loan for your needs.   

Why Everfund for Your PPP Loan?

With no cost to you, Everfund will help you obtain a PPP loan with one of our few partner lenders - smaller lenders who are actually approving loans in 24-48 hours. We'll work directly with you to make sure your application is correct and complete so your loan can be submitted as quickly as possible.

Banking Relationship Not Needed

Many lenders require an existing relationship or bank account. Our lending partners do not.

Reduce Your Time and Headache to Apply

We deal with the paperwork, track the loan, and stay in touch. Have multiple affiliates, like restaurants? No problem.

Maximize Your Loan Amount

There are multiple ways to calculate your potential loan dollars. We make sure you get the most cash possible.

Avoid Being Denied by Mistake  

Applicants are being denied due to incomplete or missing information. We make sure you aren't one of them.

Learn How Your Loan Can Be Forgiven 

There are guidelines for how the loan can be used and necessary employee retention We help educate you. 

Help for Gig Workers and Contractors

Independent contractors and sole proprietors are eligible for PPP loans and potential forgiveness.

Ready to apply for your PPP loan? We're here to help.

Everfund will help you quickly get the most cash possible.

Our Guiding Principles

We started Everfund because we wanted to change an industry. The world of small business and commercial lending is often highly impersonal, and the borrowing process confusing and complicated. By contrast, we believe in relationship building, clear information and simplicity. In fact, we think our success comes down to just four key principles.






Nothing differentiates us more than transparency. We bring an open, honest approach to an industry that often prefers keeping information close to the chest. We aim to simplify an often challenging process, and we will educate you and communicate openly with you each step of the way.


No two loan situations are identical, yet many share common elements. With a long track record in the business – funding over $400 million in loans – we have seen hundreds of scenarios and faced countless types of challenges along the way. Translation? We can help you predict and avoid issues rather than simply react to them.


We are fanatical about client service. In today’s connected world, you shouldn’t accept less. We offer an absurd level of responsiveness, unheard of in our industry. We’ll either be immediately reachable by email, phone or text, or get back to you within 4 hours. We know how important this transaction is to you, and we are wholly dedicated to your success.

(Note: we will still communicate with you better than 99% of the lenders or brokers you meet, BUT please expect slower response times while we are helping with SBA PPP loans.)


We’re experienced, smart and resourceful. We provide massive value to our clients, helping them save or make a great deal of money. But, we can’t help every time. (Yes, we said that out loud!) We know what we’re good at and what we’re not, and we don’t try to be all things to all people. If we can't help, we'll tell you directly and offer alternative resources whenever possible. 

Apply now for your COVID-19 SBA PPP loan.

We are ready to help you quickly get the cash your business needs.

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