Restaurant Revitalization Fund Grants

Get 1-on-1 Application Help

For a limited time, we are offering consulting support for owners who want help applying for Restaurant Revitalization Fund grants. This is not free help, but we only receive a fee if and when you get a grant.


Below we'll answer the key questions of "Do You Really Need Help?", "How Can We Help?" and "How Does it Work?"

When ready, you can go to our Help Request Form here to get started.

Do You Really Need Help?

You may not need outside help. You may have a controller, CFO, or other team member who can handle this. You may have an accountant or financial advisor giving you all the help you need. Or you may simply be an owner who says "I've got this". ​There are lots of free resources available, including on our site, so many won't need help.

But ... this is not a loan program, like PPP, where owners get multiple tries. If you are denied, you do not get to try again (based on current guidance). Grant applications will be rejected for many reasons stemming from small details missed or entered incorrectly. Lots of owners don't have a trusted team member or accountant at the ready to dive in. Plus, as with any government program, though they try to make it easy there are still thousands of owners asking:

  • "Am I definitely eligible?" 

  • "How do I calculate the grant amount?"

  • "What exactly do I have to submit to the SBA?"

  • "What records do I need to keep if I get a grant?"

  • "My business isn't do I apply?"

How We Can Help

With our deep experience in SBA lending, we understand the requirements of programs like this. Plus, we're constantly staying on top of every update, note, document, guide, and resource published by the SBA, putting us in a good position to:

  • Advise you on grant program requirements

  • Help you understand eligibility and your potential grant size

  • Help you understand the documentation requirements unique to your business

  • Review the business and financial documents you'll provide to the SBA

  • Help ensure your information is as complete, accurate and organized as possible

  • When possible, offer a full review of your online grant application prior to you hitting 'Submit' 

Important Notes About Our Role and Limitations:

1. We cannot guaranty you will get a grant, and we are not responsible for your ultimate success or failure. We do not work for the SBA, nor do we have experience with this program (it's a new program - no one has experience with it).

2. We are not your accountant or financial advisor or acting as your agent. If we work with you, our role is that of independent consultant. This will be described clearly in our consulting agreement.

3.  This is a brand new government program, and there will likely be hiccups, glitches, and new information surfacing. We cannot predict the issues that may arise, and some applicants may have unexpected results.

How Does It Work?

We have a simple fee structure and get paid only if and when you get a grant. No money is requested up front. Our success fee is 2% of the final grant amount, with a minimum of $1,500.


Here's how it works:


1.  First, please complete this form with your details. ​We'll reach out to you within to confirm receipt and send you our Services Agreement.

2.  Once you return the signed agreement, we'll quickly setup a call with to discuss your business structure, history and financial results. We can also get this information via email if you prefer.

3.  Next, we'll send you a list of documents needed for calculating your grant amount, and ultimately for submission to the SBA.

4.  We will review all relevant materials, and advise on changes, additions or deletions. 

5.  We'll make recommendations for how to organize and assemble your materials for upload to the SBA.

7.  We'll provide tips for navigating the SBA grant portal, and you'll then register and enter your application information in that portal.

8.  When possible, we will review your online application prior to you submitting to the SBA. 


That's it. Once submitted, we wait. The SBA hopes to get to all applications within 14 days, but during the first 21 days they are focused on certain "priority groups". Also, this is a new program so no one knows how the SBA will actually perform.

Once you get your grant, we will provide payment instructions for sending our fee.