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Frequently Asked Question:

Why are you connecting me with a partner lender?

Given the demand for PPP loans, we want to be sure everyone who needs one gets one. So, we have partnered with just a couple of lenders who we know can meet the huge demand and who have a streamlined online process. We are very excited about the level of service you will get from our partner, particularly if you're self-employed.

What size loan am I eligible for?

In most cases, your loan size will be based on your 2019 Schedule C net earnings. (This must be greater than $0 to apply.) Divide the net earnings shown on line 31 by 12, then multiply by 2.5. Your earnings are capped at $100,000, so the maximum loan size is $20,833.

Can I apply to multiple lenders?

We strongly advise not doing this. During the first PPP round, some of the most frustrated borrowers were those that applied to multiple lenders. It's not prohibited, but it caused big problems for many borrowers. (FYI - For our clients with complete documentation and who didn't apply elsewhere, those borrowers had a 96%+ success rate!)

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